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Prime Environmental Solutions, a division of Prime Trading Ltd, is proud to be the NZ agent for Virotec Global Solutions. Virotec is a world leader in meeting the demand for effective, sustainable solutions to deal with serious environmental and waste problems. The proven, state-of-the-art technologies developed by Virotec enable companies and public utilities to meet government regulatory waste treatment standards, reduce future liabilities and help safeguard the environment.


Virotec’s services benefit many different industries, including mining and metals processing, the oil and gas sector, metals finishing and other manufacturing industries, municipal sewage treatment, property development and marine dredging, and timber preservation.

Virotec Groundwater & Soil TreatmentViroFlow™ Technology provides a total solution to contaminated wastewater and solids in industrial applications, including metal finishing, tanneries and manufacturing.

ViroFlow™ Technology reduces high concentrations of heavy metals, including lead, chromium, nickel, and zinc, as well as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), phosphorus, odour, and Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) in industrial wastewater.

ViroFlow™ Technology binds heavy metals in contaminated sludges and solids generated by a variety of industries, converting hazardous solids into inert solids, which are safe for disposal. ViroFlow™ Technology also removes arsenic and radium from drinking water. Products utilised in this Technology include ElectroBind™, ViroBond™, ViroPhos™, ViroFresh™ and ViroChrome™ reagents.

Virotec Waste Water TreatmentViroSewage™ Technology removes phosphorous, heavy metals and odour from sewage effluent and centrate, reduces BOD, amnonia, nitrogen and TSS in the effluent stream, and treats biosolids for pathogens, odour and other contaminants. The addition of a small amount of reagent to the solid stream enhances the composting properties of biosolids, resulting in reduced composting time and improved compost quality. Products utilised in this Technology include ViroBlend™, ViroSewage™ and ViroSolid™ reagents.

Virotec Contaminated Site RemediationViroSoil™ Technology provides a total solution for the treatment and remediation of contaminated soils and sediments. ViroSoil™ Technology has been developed to treat Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS), heavy metal contaminated soil, including chromium, lead and arsenic, and other contaminated soil applications, including advanced Rapid Sequestro-Degradation of hydrocarbons, such as diesel, petrol, oil and other organic contaminants. ViroSoil™ Technology has been applied to contaminated aquaculture ponds, disused industrial sites, contaminated agricultural land, and marine dredge sediments. Products utilised in this Technology include ViroBind™, ViroGrow™ and ViroBac™ reagents.

The ViroSoil™ Technology product range has the ability to:

Permanently neutralise acid and bind heavy metals in soil;
Bind soluble phosphate that can be lost to the environment (and cause algal blooms in waterways), but allows it to be bio-available to plants;
Treat hydrocarbon contaminated soil; and,
Increase soil moisture.

Virotec Mine Site RemediationViroMine™ Technology provides a total solution to the management and treatment of waste in the mining industry. ViroMine™ Technology has been developed to treat acidity and heavy metal contamination of tailings dam wastewater, tailings, waste rock, contaminated process water, and other solid and liquid wastes on small-, medium-, and large-scale mine sites. Products utilised in this Technology include Alka B™, Neutra B™, Acid B™, Acid B Extra™ and Terra B™ reagents.

At Prime Environmental Solutions, we believe that providing practical remediation solutions to tough environmental problems is as important as providing quality chemical products. As Virotec’s New Zealand partner, we’re dedicated to providing NZ businesses with environmentally safe answers to an increasing global concern.

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